My Own True Family | Ted Hughes | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

   Tick () the correct alternative: Multiple Choice Questions:

My Own True Family | Ted Hughes | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

Tick () the correct alternative:

My Own True Family by Ted Hughes


1. The young child met-      

(a) a forester 

(b) an old man 

(c) an old woman ()

(d) a stag


2. The old woman was-  

(a) very smart 

(b) looking nervous 

(c) richly dressed   

(d) unsteady and poorly dressed ()


(3) The oak trees complained that-  

(a) the old woman cackled  

(b) they are chopped down, torn up but the humans remained indifferent ()

(c) they are not watered every day 

(d) they are tied to a stake


4.  A 'staring tribe' refers to-   

(a) local inhabitants

(b) the primitive people 

(c) homeless people   

(d) the oak trees ()


5. The poet here is telling about his experience in-   

(a) a house  

(b) a zoo   

(c) a garden 

(d) a wood  ()


6. The poet entered into the forest of -

(a) oak ()

(b) apple   

(c) cherry  

(d) maple


7. The child entered the wood - 

(a) running  

(b) walking    

(c) sliding   

(d) creeping ()


8. The poet was looking for a -

(a) tiger

(b) oak tree   

(c) male deer ()   

(d) female deer


9. The poet met -

(a) an old woman ()      

(b) an old woman 

(c) a fairy    

(d) a musician


10. The old woman was -

(a) well-dressed      

(b) fat

(c) thin ()

(d) beautiful


11. Inside her bag the old woman claimed to have kept the poet's -

(a) future

(b) present     

(c) past    

(d) secret ()


12. The old woman opened her little --

(a) purse

(b) sack    

(c) bag  ()

(d) suitcase


13. With the opening of the bag the poet became awake-

(a)  once   

(b) thrice   

(c) twice  ()

(d) four times


14. As the woman began cackling the poet began to -

(a) laugh  

(b) cry

(c) dance  

(d) tremble ()


15. The little bag was opened by -  

(a) the old woman ()

(b) oak tribes   

(c) the old    

(d) the little child


16. The poet found himself surrounded by -

(a) some old women 

(b) oak trees ()   

(c) wild animals 

(d) his friends


17. The poet was tied to a  -

(a) gate 

(b) thick pole ()

(c) tree    

(d) wall


18. The true family of the poet is said to be -

(a) his parents

(b) the old woman     

(c) oak trees ()

(d) pine wood


19. The poet is blared not to blink an eye when oak trees -

(a) a grow up

(b) shed leaves    

(c) are chopped down ()

(d) grow up 


20. The poet had to swear to plant -

(a) two oak trees  ()

(b) three oak trees  

(c) one oak tree  

(d) four oak trees 


21. The colour of the oak bark is  -

(a) white  

(b) black  ()

 (c) green    

(d) brown


22. Unless the poet swears the oak bark will wrinkle over -

(a) the wood

(b) the poet ()      

(c) the tree

(d) the old woman


23. The poet has his dream beneath the -

(a) roof 6

(b) shade      

(c) boughs ()

(d) sky


24. The poet's heart was transformed into that of a -

(a) tree ()

(b) human  

(c) stag

(d)  woman

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