The Cat | Andrew Barton Paterson | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10 | WBBSE

   Tick () the correct alternative: Multiple Choice Questions:

The Cat | Andrew Barton Paterson | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10 | WBBSE

Tick (✔) the correct alternative: 
The Cat by Andrew Barton Paterson

1. According to most people, the cat is a  -      

(a) timid       

(b) ignorant  ()

(c) angry      

(d) fierce  


2. The cat is generally thought to be fond of   -  

(a) food and drink        

(b) hard work  

(c) exercise     

(d) ease   ()


(3) Generally people think that cats care little for anything but   -  

(a) bread and butter  

(b) milk and fish       

(c) milk and mice  () 

(d) meat and fish 


4. In comparison to most human beings, the cat has    -   

(a) more honesty 

(c) more character  ()

(c) more satisfaction      

(d) more food consumption   


5. A cat gets from life a great deal of -   

(a) mice and milk     

(b) case     

(c) comfort    

(d) satisfaction  ()  


6. According to the author, a cat is not a/an   -

(a) athlete    

(b) acrobat     

(c) grim fighter    

(d) unintelligent animal  () 


7. The cat allows himself to be pestered by    - 

(a) everyone he meets     

(b) local people         

(c) guests     

(d) family members ()  


8.  All day long, the cat loafs about -

(a) a mouse hole   

(b) the street         

(c) the house   ()   

(d) the suburban backyards  


9. To keep himself from dying of boredom, sometimes the cat watches-  -

(a) the mice           

(b) television   

(c) his body      

(d) a mouse-hole  () 


10. To pass his time, the cat sometimes watches the mouse hole for one or two    -

(a) seconds         

(b) hours    ()

(c) minutes   

(d) weeks  


11. The real character of a cat can be watched -  

(a) at dawn   

(b) in the afternoon

(c) at night   

(d) as the shades of evening fall  ()     


12. The cat appears when the family members sit down to   --

(a) discuss issues   

(b) enjoy movies         

(c) have tea  ()

(d) have dinner   


13. The cat appears when the family members are having their-    -

(a) dinner      

(b) evening tea   ()  

(c)  breakfast    

(d) lunch  


14. The cat appears before the family members to     -

(a) play with them  

(b) be pestered by them     

(c) watch mouse hole   

(d) get his share  ()


15. The cat rubs himself against the legs of the     -  

(a) gues    

(b) chair      

(c) family members  ()   

(d) table   


16. The cat is particularly civil to   -

(a) everyone      

(b) the guest  ()        

(c) the children   

(d) the mistress  


17. The guest is supposed to get the best-    -

(a) food ()  

(b) dress    

(c) seat      

(d) saucer   


18. The cat expects bit of food from-    -

(a) the guest  ()

(b) the children         

(c) the family members   

(d) all   


19. The guest stoops to    -

(a) kick the cat    

(b) stroke the cat  ()     

(c) give the cat food    

(d) scratch the cat   


20. Instead of giving the cat something to eat the guest sometimes-    -

(a) plays with him      

(b) kicks him        

(c) ignores him      

(d) strokes him   ()


21. With the strokes of the guest, the cat gets     -

(a) pampered     

(b) tired   ()    

(c) elated        

(d) sleepy   


22. Having been tired of the strokes of the guest the cat-    -

(a) purrs noisily       

(b) rubs himself            

(c) runs away   

(d) rakes the guest  ()


23. The cat firmly rakes the guest at his    -

(a) face       

(b) head           

(c) leg () 

(d) knee   


24. When the car rakes the guest the family members-     -

(a) get delighted  ()     

(b) feel sorry    

(c) get sympathetic   

(d) get angry   


25. When the cat rakes the guest the family members consider the cat to be-     -

(a) uncivilized   

(b) merciless     

(c) discourteous  

(d) intelligent  ()

26. On being raked in the leg, the guest actually wants to -

(a) give him food  

(b) praise him     

(c) kick him  ()

(d) go away 


27. The guest, on being raked by the cat, has to pretend to be -

(a) amused  ()  

(b) angry    

(c) pestered   

(d) frightened  


28. The guest offers the cat a bit of  -

(a) meat   

(b) cake    

(c) fish  ()  

(d) egg                                   


29. The cat receives the bit of food-   - 

(a) enthusiastically     

(b) carelessly   

(c) carefully   ()

(d) indifferently 


30. With his looks, the cat warns the guest not to be so -    -

(a) slow in giving him food   ()

(b) enthusiastic to stroke  

(c) miserly  

(d) hesitant


31. After receiving the bit of food, the cat retires to-  -

(a) a mouse hole  ()

(b) a safe distance 

(c) the garden  

(d) the roof


32. The cat, after receiving a bit of food retires to a safe distance from-     - 

(a) electric devices    

(b) the guest's boot  ()   

(c) the family members  

(d) the dogs


33. Having finished their tea, the family members gather round-  -

(a) the television  

(b) the fire  ()      

(c) the carrom board   

(d) the dining table   


34. When the family members gather round the fire, the cat-     -

(a) also joins them  

(b) plays with the guest    

(c) plays with the children  

(d) goes out  ()


35. Coming out of the room, the cat saunters down the   -

(a) road     

(b) suburban backyards  ()

(c) mouse hole  

(d) street  


36. The cat springs to the top of the    -

(a) tree   

(b) roof   

(c) fence () 

(d) tea table  


37. The cat trots across to skip to the roof of an empty-   -

(a) house   

(b) shed ()

(c) shade   

(d)  hut


38. In the evening the cat's movement becomes  -

(a)  cautious

(b) glorious  

(c) irritating  

(d) graceful ()


39. The cat's movement is compared to that of a    -

(a) leopard  

(b) lion     

(c) tiger    

(d) panther  ()  


40. The cat moves noiselessly to avoid  - 

(a) the family members     

(b) the gues   

(c) his enemies   ()

(d) his friends 


41. Other than the dogs, the cat's enemies are-    -

(a) small boys ()

(b) panthers  

(c) the guests  

(d) stone men


42. On the top of the shed, the cat with his claws rakes   -

(a) the soft bark ()     

(b) the hard bark    

(c) the guest again  

(d) small boys


43. The cat stretches himself to check-    -

(a) his muscles  ()

(b) the boy with stone  

(c) the dog  

(d) his kindred


44. From the top of the shed, the cat sends across a call to-      -

(a) the dogs     

(b) his kindred  () 

(c) the guest  

(d) the boys with stones


45. Before giving a call, the cat droops his head nearly to his-    

(b) waist    

(c) tail 

(d) paws ()


46. The cats are changed from meek creatures into -  

(a) timid ones    

(b) grim fighters    ()

(c) dumb animals   

(d) fierce ones  


46. The cats go for sports to the --

(a) top of the fence     

(b) top of a shed    

(c) drawing room   

(d) suburban backyards   ()


48. There is a common reproach that the cats are more fond of  -

(a) inmates   

(b) their home  () 

(c) their guests   

(d) their mice


49. If exiled in a new land, the cat would have to learn --

(a) the new culture         

(b) the new weather    

(c) the new history  

(d) the new geography  ()


50. The cat gives the new tenants the privilege of - 

(a) boarding him        ()

(b)playing with him   

(c) guarding him  

(d) raking him

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