Strong Roots | APJ Abdul Kalam | Part 3 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Strong Roots written by APJ Abdul Kalam

Strong Roots, APJ Abdul Kalam, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

29. Kalam's father used to avoid all-

(a) poor people

(b) religious ceremonies

(c) inessential comforts and luxuries 

(d) money 


30. How does APJ Abdul Kalam sum up his childhood in Rameswaram? 

(a) a time when he moved from rags to riches

(b) a period of extreme comfort and affluence

(c) a time of want and deprivation

(d) a very secure time, materially and emotionally 

31. Kalam normally ate with-

(a) his father

(b) his brothers

(c) his mother  

(d) his friends 


32. The speaker usually ate sitting on-

(a) the table

(b) the floor of the kitchen  

(c) a chair

(d) a cot.


33. During meals, the food was served on-

(a) steel utensils

(b) dishes

(c) banana leaves  

(d) plastics.


34. Rameswaram was famous to pilgrims for --

(a) the Vishnu temple

(b) the Shiva temple  

(c) the Tirupati temple

(d) the Mosque.


35. The distance from Dr Kalam's house to the Shiva temple was-

(a) 15 minutes walk

(b) 5 minutes walk

(c) 10 minutes walk  

(d) 20 minutes walk


36. Kalam's locality was predominantly-

(a) Hindu

(b) Muslim  

(c) Jain

(d) Christian.


37. Kalam grew up in a society which was secular and -

(a) segregated

(b) sundered

(c) sequestered

(d) integrated  

38. How does Kalam describe his neighbourhood?

(a) a predominantly Muslim locality close to the famous Shiva temple where Hindu families lived amicably with their Muslim neighbours  

(b) a predominantly Hindu locality near the Shiva temple, fraught with tension between the Muslim and Hindu communities

(c) a predominantly Christian locality where the Muslim population was thinly spread

(d) a cosmopolitan urban neighbourhood with people of all castes, creeds and communities sharing a high-rise apartment near the Shiva temple.


39 Why was Kalam's father well-known in their locality?

(a) He was a successful doctor

(b) He was a respected teacher

(c) He was a healer who prayed for the well-being of his fellow men  

(d) He was a wealthy moneylender 


40. We know that Kalam's father was acknowledged as a spiritual person because-

(a) he was very knowledgeable about spiritual matters  

(b) he worked at the local mosque

(c) he read the namaz before dawn

(d) the priest of the Rameswaram temple had discussions with him 


41. Kalam's father would take him to the mosque for-

(a) pre-dawn prayers

(b) evening prayers  

(c) mid-day prayers

(d) afternoon prayers 


42. The prayers chanted in the mosque were in-

(a) Urdu

(b) French

(c) Persian

(d) Arabic  

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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