Strong Roots | APJ Abdul Kalam | Part 2 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Strong Roots written by APJ Abdul Kalam

Strong Roots | APJ Abdul Kalam | Part 2 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Strong Roots, APJ Abdul Kalam, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

15.  The name of APJ Abdul Kalam's father was -

(a) Jainulabdeen  

(b) Wasim

(c) Abdul

(d) Karim


16. Abdul Kalam describes his parents as being -

(a) wealthy, educated and generous

(b) highly educated but not wealthy

(c) very poor and illiterate

(d) neither wealthy nor highly educated but kind, wise and large-hearted 

17. "He possessed great innate wisdom," here the word 'he' refers to -

(a) Kalam's father  

(b) Kalam's teacher

(c) Kalam himself

(d) Kalam's mother 


18. For Kalam's father, his mother was an ideal-

(a) wife

(b) guide

(c) friend

(d) helpmate  


19. The name of the mother of the author of "Strong Roots" is-

(a) Asiamma

(b) Ashiaamma

(c) Ashiamma  

(d) Ashiama 


20. The narrator's mother fed- 

(a) all their neighbours every day

(b) all their relatives every day

(c) outsiders with her own family every day  

(d) her family every day 


21. The narrator's parents were widely regarded as -

(a) an ideal couple  

(b) honest people

(c) generous people

(d) kind people 


22. "My mother's lineage was the more distinguished." Here 'lineage' means-

(a) family background  

(b) standing in a line

(c) linkage

(d) average age 


23. One of the forebears of Kalam's mother was awarded by the British the title of - 

(a) Bahadur  

(b) Raibahadur

(c) Padmashree

(d) Bharat Ratna 

24. Kalam was born to-

(a) ugly parents

(b) handsome parents

(c) tall and handsome parents  

(d) religious parents 


25. Abdul Kalam's ancestral house was built in -

(a) mid 19th century  

(b) late 19th century

(c) early 20th century

(d) early 19th century 


26. Kalam's house was a fairly-

(a) large pucca house  

(b) small hut

(c) two storeyed building

(d) big mansion 


27. The ancestral house was made of -

(a) cement and brick

(b) brick and mortar

(c) limestone and brick  

(d) clay and brick 


28. Kalam's ancestral house was located-

(a) beside the Shiva temple in Rameswaram

(b) just beside the old mosque where his father used to take him for evening prayers

(c) on the Mosque Street in Rameswaram  

(d) in a predominantly Hindu locality in Rameswaram

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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