Strong Roots | APJ Abdul Kalam | Part 5 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Strong Roots written by APJ Abdul Kalam

strong root

Strong Roots, APJ Abdul Kalam, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

1. Kalam's father's answer filled Kalam with energy and -

(a) happiness

(b) gratitude

(c) enthusiasm 

(d) strange passion


2. According to Kalam's father, whenever human beings find themselves alone, they start looking for -

(a) amusements

(b) family

(c) company 

(d) essential things.

3. Whenever human beings find themselves alone, as a --------- they start looking for a company.

(a) forced reaction

(b) preventive reaction

(c) superstitious reaction 

(d) natural reaction 


4. According to Kalam's father, whenever people reach an impasse, they --

(a) become frustrated

(b) look for someone to show them the way out  

(c) surrender themselves to god

(d) become speechless 


5. Kalam's father believed that for people in distress, he was -

(a) a mere mediator 

(b) greater than God

(c) a solution to problems

(d) a helpless onlooker of their difficulties.


6. Jainulabdeen would start his day at -

(a) 4 p.m.

(b) 6 a.m.

(c) 4 a.m. 

(d) 6 a.m. 


7. Kalam's father started his day by -

(a) reading the namaz 

(b) taking bath

(c) visiting the mosque

(d) feeding beggars 


8. After the namaz, his father used to go to the-

(a) orchard

(b) coconut grove  

(c) Shiva temple

(d) Ganges

9. The coconut grove, where Abdul Kalam's father used to walk down every morning was about -

(a) one and a half miles

(b) three miles

(c) four miles  

(d) four and a half miles 


10. Kalam's father would return from the grove with -

(a) about a dozen coconuts  

(b) two or three coconuts

(c) a coconut

(d) about two dozen coconuts 


11. After returning from the coconut grove Kalam's father would have his -

(a) lunch

(b) tiffin

(c) dinner

(d) breakfast 


12. Kalam, throughout his life, had tried to emulate his father in his own world of -

(a) art and spirituality

(b) science and technology 

(c) science and spirituality

(d) technology and spirituality 


13. Despite being a scientist, Abdul Kalam felt convinced that there exists a -

(a) divine power 

(b) supernatural power

(c) devotional power

(d) spiritual power 


14. Kalam is also spiritual because -

(a) he visits the mosque every day

(b) he tries to follow in his father's footsteps

(c) he believes in the power of the divine

(d) he believes that an individual has to sever all ties to be happy 


15. Severing all physical bond leads one to the road of-

(a) happiness

(b) freedom

(c) peace of mind

(d) all of these 


16. APJ Abdul Kalam's own world was concerned with-

(a) science and war

(b) rocket science and technology

(c) science and technology  

(d) missile technology

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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