Thank You Ma'am | Langston Hughes | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on  Thank You Ma'am written by  Langston Hughes

thank you maam

Thank You Ma'am, Langston Hughes, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

 1. 'Thank You Ma'am' written by ----

(a) Ted Hughes

(b) Morris Reeves

(c) James Carol

(d) Langston Hughes 

2. The author of 'Thank You Ma'am' was a citizen of ---

(a) England

(b) America 

(c) Russia

(d) New Zealand

3. 'Thank You Ma'am' is -----

(a) a novel

(b) a drama 

(c) an essay

(d) a short story 

4. Langston Hughes is best known for his work during the --- 

(a) Harlem Renaissance 

(b) Second World War

(c) Freedom fight of America

(d) First World War

5. The woman referred to in the piece 'Thank You Ma'am' was ----

(a) thin 

(b) short

(c) large 

(d) of medium height


6. Mrs Jones was carrying a -----

(a) suitcase

(b) large purse 

(c) ladies bag

(d) hammer 


7. The large purse of Mrs Jones had- 

(a) valuables

(b) many important documents

(c) hammer and nails

(d) everything except hammer strap and nails  


8. The purse had a long sharp and therefore the lady carried the purse-

(a) slung on a pole

(b) holding the strap in her hand

(c) slung across her shoulder 

(d) tucked under her arm 


9. The purse had a-

(a) delicate strap

(b) short strap

(c) long strap 

(d) worn out strap  


10. Mrs Jones was

(a) returning from a party

(b) returning home alone from work 

(c) walking with her friends

(d) going to office 


11. Mrs Jones was returning home alone at 

(a) 11 o'clock at night 

(b) 12 o'clock at night

(c) 9 o'clock at night

(d) 10 o'clock at night 


12 The boy tried to snatch from the lady-

(a) her ornaments

(b) her ten-cent cake

(c) her suede shoes

(d) her purse  


13 The boy fell on his back on the sidewalk as- 

(a) the sidewalk was sloppy

(b) the weight of the purse made him lose his balance

(c) the boy was too feeble to maintain his balance

(d) the weight of the purse and the weight of the boy combined, made him lose his balance 

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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