Thank You Ma'am | Langston Hughes | Part 3 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on  Thank You Ma'am written by  Langston Hughes

thank you maam

Thank You Ma'am, Langston Hughes, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

27. The boy's name was-

(a) Philip

(b) Roger  

(c) Rodrick

(d) Joe


28. How did Mrs Jones ensure that he could not break free from her grip?

(a) She turned him around in front of her and tied him up with a rope.

(b) She turned him around in front of her and handcuffed him

(c) She turned him around in front of her and gripped him tightly around his neck  

(d) She turned him around in front of her and punched him in the nose.


29. Half-nelson is a-

(a) necktie

(b) hard blow

(c) belt

(d) wrestling hold  


30. Mrs Jones dragged the boy up the street into-

(a) a large bedroom

(b) a little cottage

(c) a large kitchenette  

(d) a police station 


31. When Mrs Washington takes Roger to her home, the first thing she does is-

(a) direct him to wash his face

(b) beat the boy

(c) open the door and switch on the light  

(d) prepare food 


32. The boy realised that he and the woman were not alone because-

(a) he could see the other roomers as the doors of their rooms were open

(b) he could hear the other roomers laughing and talking and some of their doors were open too  

(c) he noticed a few of the roomers peeping out of their respective rooms while he was being dragged down the hall by the woman.

(d) a few of the roomers stepped out of their rooms to see what was happening 


33 Roger could hear other people

(a) quarrelling

(b) praying

(c) laughing and talking  

(d) conspiring against them


34 Bending over the sink the boy, Roger asked Mrs Jones whether she-

(a) was going to take him to jail  

(b) was going to punish him

(C) was going to reward him

(d) was going to take care of him 


35 Mrs Jones thought that Roger tried to snatch her purse because-

(a) he was hungry and needed money to buy food  

(b) he was a drug addict

(c) he was bored and wanted to have fun

(d) he wanted to scare Mrs Jones 


36. The boy wanted to buy-

(a) blue suit shoes

(b) black suede shoes

(c) blue suede shoes  

(d) black suit shoes 


37. 'There was another long pause'. ----- This long pause denotes-

(a) Mrs Jones was thinking the way to send Roger in the jail

(b) Mrs Jones was remembering her childhood days  

(c) Roger was thinking something

(d) Mrs Jones was thinking of her past life 


38. Which one of these lines spoken by Mrs Jones tells you that she can read Roger's mind? 

(a) "Well, you didn't have to snatch my pocketbook to get some suede shoes."

(b) "Um-hum! You thought I was going to say but, didn't you? You thought I was going to say, but didn't snatch people's pocketbooks. Well, I wasn't going to say that."  

(c) "Not with that face, I would not take you nowhere."

(d) "Pick up my pocketbook, boy, and give it here".


39. The woman was sitting on a-

(a) sofa

(b) cot

(c) day-bed  

(d) chair 

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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