Thank You Ma'am | Langston Hughes | Part 5 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on  Thank You Ma'am written by  Langston Hughes

thank you maam

Thank You Ma'am, Langston Hughes, Class 12, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, MCQ

53. Mrs Jones gave Roger, a half of her cake which was worth-

    (a) half cent

    (b) one cent

    (c) ten cents 

    (d) half dollar 


54. Mrs Jones was cautious as to not talk about Roger's family because that would-

    (a) astonish him

    (b) annoy him

    (c) embarrass him 

    (d) frighten him 


55. Mrs Jones gave the boy-

    (a) five cents

    (b) five dollars

    (c) ten cents

    (d) ten dollars 


56. Mrs Jones wanted Roger to learn how to- 

    (a) behave himself 

    (b) be tough

    (c) get a job

    (d) trust people.


57. Roger was a teenager who needed-

    (a) financial support

    (b) care and affection 

    (c) education    

    (d) medical treatment 


58. Roger could manage to say to the lady was -

    (a) thank you madam

    (b) thanks

    (c) thank you 

    (d) none of the above 


59. The boy could hardly say more than "Thank you ma'am" because -

    (a) he did not see the lady

    (b) he was very afraid

    (c) the door was shut 

    (d) he never saw the lady again 


60. Which words do you think best describe Mrs Jones?

    (a) foolish and impulsive

    (b) wise and kind 

    (c) tough and ruthless

    (d) meek and shy 


61. The boy wanted to thank the woman for-

    (a) being nice to him

    (b) understanding him and being kind towards him

    (c) not taking him to the police

    (d) making him realise that the path he was taking was not the right one 


62. The woman felt sorry for the boy because-

    (a) he was unwashed

    (b) he had no one at home

    (c) she had been in a similar situation when she was young and she could understand what he was going through 

    (d) he was hot, tired and hungry 


63. For Roger, Mrs Bates felt-

    (a) sympathy 

    (b) apathy

    (c) empathy

    (d) pity


64 The boy in "Thank You Ma'am" would never in his life-

    (a) like Luella Bates

    (b) remember Luella Bates

    (c) forget Luella Bates 

    (d) dislike Luella Bates

Do Practice these  Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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