Sea Fever | John Masefield | class 10 | Questions and Answer | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) | Class 10 | Madhyamik 2021

Very Important Short type Question and Answer on Sea Fever written by John Masefield 

Sea Fever 

John Masefield

Do Practice these Very Important Short type Questions and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

1. Along with a windy day what does the poet want during his sea voyage?

Ans. Along with a windy day, the poet wants to enjoy white clouds flying during his sea voyage.

2. What attitude of the poet is revealed in the poem ‘Sea Fever’?

Ans.  The poet is very excited, restless, and he has a strong desire to go back in sea.

3. Which things does the poet need for sailing?

Ans. The poet needs for a tall ship and a star as a guide and a windy day with white clouds.


4. What is the significance of the title ‘Sea Fever’?

Ans.  Sea Fever is a poem that expresses the strong desire, restlessness, excitement and intense longing to go back in sea of the poet.


5. Which birds have been mentioned in the poem?

Ans.  The birds are Sea-gulls.


6. Why cannot the poet deny the call of the voyage?

Ans.  The poet cannot deny the call of the voyage because the call is wild and clear.


7. What does the poet want to have when the voyage is over?

Ans.  The poet wants to have quite sleep when the voyage is over.


8. Why does the poet choose the life of the gypsies?

Ans.  The poet chooses the life of the gypsies because he loves the life of vagrant gypsies.


9. What kind of weather does the poet want before starting his voyage?

Ans. before starting his voyage, the poet wants a lonely sea, a favourable wind, and quiet sleep and a sweet dream.


10. With what has wind been compared to?

Ans. The wind has been compared to a whetted knife.


11. Why does the poet want to steer the ship?

Ans.  The poet wants to steer the ship because he wishes to go down to the seas again.


12. Why does the poet want the wind to be like a whetted knife?

Ans.  The poet compares the favourable wind with a whetted knife.

13. What does the poet desire to hear from a fellow rover when the journey is over or?

Or What does the poet desire at the end of his exciting voyage?


Ans. After his journey the poet desires to hear a cheerful story from a fellow sailor.


14. What kind of tale does the poet want to be told?

Ans.  The poet wants a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover to be told.

15. During what time of the day does the poet wish to go down to the seas?

Ans. The poet wishes to go down to the seas at the time of dawn breaking.

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