Model Question -3 | English | Class 8 | Question & Answer | Grammar

  Model Question - 3 || English || Class 8  || Question & Answer || Grammar




Model Question - 3

Class VIII



Reading Comprehension (Seen)


1. Read the following text and answer the given questions :

"Since you put me on your head like a hat to keep me safe, I shall give you a different kind of cap in return, the kind sailors most desire. A cap full of wind. But there's one warning, no human hand will ever be able to take it off."

Then with a blink, the fairy man disappeared leaving a striped cap behind. Young Jon put the cap on his head and ran home to tell his mother.

"No good will come of the wind cap," she said. But the lad would have none of her cautions. The very next day, putting on the sailor's cap, he ran off to the sea.


A. Answer the following questions :

(i) Why did the fairy man give a cap to Jon ?

Ans.> The fairy man give a cap to Jon because he saved him.


(ii) What happened the next day ?

Ans.> The very next day, putting on the sailor's cap, Jon ran off to the sea.


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


2. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow in your own words :

Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. The word 'Gangtok’ literally means hilltop. The city is located at a height of around 1650 metres, descending along a hillside in tiers. It is a popular tourist destination as it is located in such a way that it facilitates easy travel to the rest of the state.

MG Marg, the city's main street, is India's first no litter and no spit zone. Vehicles are also not allowed on the Marg making it the perfect spot for tourists. The annual Gangtok Food and Cultural Festival is held here in December. It showcases a variety of food, music and dances and is a huge draw for tourists.

Gangtok is just 53.5 kilometres away from Nathula Pass, the India-China border. Many tourists go for a day trip from the city to the Pass. The Nathula-Gangtok Highway is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the world. It is also the place through which the Silk Route used to operate.

A. Tick () the correct alternative :

(i) Gangtok is a popular tourist spot because of its—

(a) height  

(b) location

(c) food

(d) transport


(ii) The Gangtok Food and Cultural Festival is held—

(a) once a week

(b) once a fortnight

(c) once a month

(d) once a year


(iii) People go for a day's trip to

(a) Gangtok  

(b) Nathula Pass

(c) Sikkim

(c) China


(iv) MG Marg is known for being

(a) a part of the Silk Route

(b) a no spit and no litter zone

(c) the most beautiful mountain road 

(d) a busy and congested marketplace


B. Complete the following sentences with information from the passage :

(i) The street where tourist can relax is MG Marg.

(ii) A large number of tourists attend the Food and Cultural Festival.


C. The meaning of two words from the passage have been given below. Pick out the words from the passage :


(i) a series of rows or levels of a structure placed one above the other : tiers

(ii) the place to which one would go : destination



3. Fill in the blank with the given adjective in its proper degree :

(i) It is ---- (good) to starve than beg.

Ans.> It is better to starve than beg.


4. Fill in the blanks with either the Present Perfect Continuous or the Past Perfect Continuous Tense of the verbs given in the brackets :

(i) They --- since four o'clock. (play)

Ans.> They have been playing since four o'clock.


(ii) Rita ----  there for five years. (teach)

Ans.> Rita had been teaching  there for five years.


5. Fill in the blanks with either the Future Continuous Tense or the Future Perfect Tense of the verbs given in brackets :

(i) I ----- here till Sunday. (stay)

Ans.> I will staying here till Sunday.


(ii) She ---- before you go to see her. (leave)

Ans.> She will have left before you go to see her.

6. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct form of verb from those given in the bracket :

(i) It started to rain while we ---- tennis. (are playing, were playing, had played)

Ans.> It started to rain while we were playing tennis.




7. Write a paragraph on 'Your Favourite Festival in about 80 words.

[Points : Variety of seasons-your favourite season-why favourite-climate, look of nature, special features, if any,how you enjoy the season.]




Your Favourite Season

We enjoy the variety of seasons in West Bengal. We never suffer the monotony of a single season. However, among all seasons like spring most. It comes towards the end of Bengali year. The season roughly lasts for two months. But within this short span it makes nature breathe a spirit of joy. Spring offers us a pleasant climate, neither too hot nor too cold. The budding flowers bloom in full splendour. The breezy air carries the fragrance of flowers. New leaves make nature green and gay. Birds like cuckoo fill all the hollow of the sky. In fact, the entire surroundings pulsate with new life and motion. In spring comes off the holy festival of Dol-yatra. The season is aptly called the queen o seasons. I enjoy this season very much.

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