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      Model Question - 5 || English || Class 8  || Question & Answer || Grammar


Model Question


Model Question - 5

Class VIII



Reading Comprehension (Seen)


1. Read the following text and answer the given questions :

He wandered far in search of the clouds, down winding paths and alleys, till he reached the old mud hut. There, he turned on to the dirt track. He saw a grass-cutter coming from the other direction, a bundle of freshly cut grass balanced on his head. He stopped the man and asked, "Have you seen the clouds there ?"


The grass-cutter was amazed, as though he had been asked the most peculiar question.


A. Answer the following questions :

(i) What did he wander for ?

Ans.> He wandered for clouds.


(ii) Why was the grass-cutter amazed ?

Ans.>  The grass-cutter had been asked the most peculiar question.


B. Find out the words which mean the following from the given text :

(i) Got to : reached

(ii) Strange : peculiar


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

Howrah is a town to the west of the river Hooghly. It is neither a very big nor a very small town of West Bengal. Howrah Station is very important as almost all the trains from all over India arrive at and depart from here. The station of Howrah is always crowded and busy. There are many mills and factories in this town. People from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand come here to work in those mills and factories. They live in a very unhealthy condition as the town of Howrah is dirty, congested and its air is too much polluted.

A. Write ‘T' for True and 'F' for False statements in the given boxes :

(i) Howrah is a pollution-free town. F

(ii) Only Bengalees live in Howrah. F


B. Find from the above passage two words that are opposite to each other :

(i) big

(ii) small


C. Find from the above passage two words that mean the same :

(i) crowded

(ii) congested




3. Do as directed :

(i) I am reading English. (Turn the sentence into Present Perfect Continuous Tense)

Ans.> I have been reading English.


(ii) To err is human. (Underline the Infinitive)

Ans.> To err is human.


(iii) Kolkata is the largest city in West Bengal. (Turn the sentence into Positive Degree)

Ans.> No other city in West Bengal is as large as Kolkata.




4. Write a story using the following points. Give a suitable title and a moral to it.

[Points : A king lost his throne  fought repeatedly to get it back failed — hid from enemies in a cave — saw a spider climb up to the roof of the cave after repeated failure — the king learnt a lesson --fought again got back his kingdom.]




The King and the Spider

Robert Bruce, the king of Scotland, was defeated six times in a battle. His enemies took away his kingdom. The king hid himself in a cave. One day in the cave the king saw a spider trying hard to climb up the ceiling. It fell down several times but it did not give up trying. I tried again and again and at last succeeded in climbing up the ceiling. The king watched the fact and deeply thought about it. He was greatly encouraged.He came out of the cave and returned to his men and made them united. He made a strong army by collecting more soldiers to fight his enemy again. This time he fought with renewed energy and strength and won the battle. He got back his kingdom and ruled the country happily.

Moral : Failure is the pillar of success.

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