The Eyes Have It | Ruskin Bond | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Fill in the blanks with the information from the text | Class 12

The Eyes Have It | Ruskin Bond | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Fill in the blanks with the information from the text  | Class 12

The Eyes Have It

Ruskin Bond

67 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions. Fill in the blanks with the information from the text.  Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond. Tick (√) the  correct answer from the given alternatives : 


1. Even the sound made out of the girl’s ________ was beautiful to the narrator’s ears. 

Ans.> slippers 


2. “Aunts are usually formidable creatures” ----- The meaning of the word, ‘formidable’ is __________. 

Ans.> dreadful √ 


3. According to the narrator, few girls can resist __________. 

Ans.> flattery 


4. The narrator was alone in the compartment till __________.

Ans.> Rohana 


5. The narrator was actually going to __________. 

Ans.> Mussoorie 


6. The best time to visit the hill is __________. 

Ans.> October 

7. The girl could not see the narrator because ____________. 

Ans.> she was blind 


8. The girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> sweet-smelling 


9. We and the narrator came to know that the girl was blind _____. 

Ans.> at the end of the story 


10. The narrator is considered lucky by the girl because ________. 

Ans.> he was going to Mussoorie 


11. The thought of laughter would make the narrator feel _______. 

Ans.> troubled and lonely 


12. The girl said, she loved the hills, especially in __________. 

Ans.> October 


13. The girl was tired of people telling her, she had ___________. 

Ans.> a pretty face 


14. The eyes of the narrator were sensitive to _____________. 

Ans.> light and darkness √

15. The girl was getting off at _____________. 

Ans.> Saharanpur 


16. According to the narrator, aunts are usually _____________. 

Ans.> formidable creatures 


17. The _________ lingered after the girl left.

Ans.> scent of perfume √


18. The man broke into the narrator’s __________. 

Ans.> reverie √


19. The girl said that the narrator was __________. 

Ans.> gallant √


20. The narrator could not see the girl’s face because __________. 

Ans.> he was stone blind √


21. The girl could not see the narrator because __________. 

Ans.> she was blind √

22. The girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> sweet-smelling √


23. The couple who came to see the girl off were __________. 

Ans.> worried about her comfort √


24. The narrator was alone in the train compartment up to ______.

Ans.> Rohana √


25. There was some confusion __________. 

Ans.> in the doorway √


26. The girl could not bear to sit in a train for more than ________. 

Ans.> two or three hours √


27. The narrator wanted to prevent the girl from discovering  _____. 

Ans.> that he was blind √


28. The scent of the perfume from the girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> tantalizing √ 


29. The narrator said that the girl had __________. 

Ans.> an interesting face √ 


30. The narrator of “The Eyes Have It” was travelling to ________. 

Ans.> Dehra √


31. The girl’s voice had the spark of __________. 

Ans.> mountain stream √


34. According to the narrator, the high-pitched female voice must have belonged to the girl’s __________. 

Ans.> aunt √


32. “But her next question removed my doubts.” --- The next question was  __________. 

Ans.> “Why don’t you look out of the window?” √


33. The girl was __________. 

Ans.> startled √


34. The narrator compared the girl’s voice with a __________. 

Ans.> mountain stream √

35. The girl could not see the narrator because __________. 

Ans.> she was blind √


36. The girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> sweet-smelling √


37. In ‘The Eyes Have It’ the girl’s journey was __________. 

Ans.> short √


38. “Oh, how lucky you are!” ---- Here the person who is considered lucky is __________. 

Ans.> the narrator √


39. The narrator was ready to sit for any length of time in the train just __________. 

Ans.> to hear the girl’s voice √


40. The last word that the girl said to the narrator was ________. 

Ans.> goodbye √


41. “But her next question removed my doubts.” --- Here the narrator doubted that the girl might have __________. 

Ans.> discovered his blindness √

42. After Rohana the narrator could not have the compartment all to himself as __________. 

Ans.> a girl got in √


43. The narrator asked the girl whether she was going to ________. 

Ans.> Dehra √


44. The narrator called October the best time in __________. 

Ans.> Mussoorie √


45. Ruskin Bond’s story ‘The Eyes Have It’ ends with a _________. 

Ans.> situational irony √


46. According to the girl, the narrator in Ruskin Bond’s story ‘The Eyes Have It’ is __________. 

Ans.> gallant √


47. The blind girl told the narrator that she would get down at  ____. 

Ans.> Saharanpur √

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48. The narrator’s curiosity about the girl in ‘The Eyes Have It’ is further aroused by __________. 

Ans.> her perfume √


49. “It could be a fascinating game.” -- Here ‘fascinating game’ refers to __________. 

Ans.> guessing what was happening outside √


50. The narrator liked the girl’s __________. 

Ans.> voice √

51. Even after the girl left, the __________  lingered.

Ans.> scent of perfume √


52. The girl could not see the narrator because __________. 

Ans.> she was blind √


53. The girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> sweet-smelling √


54. The narrator said that the girl’s face was __________. 

Ans.> interesting √


55. The narrator began a conversation with the girl by __________. 

Ans.> asking her where she was visiting √


56. The narrator in ‘The Eyes Have It’ felt that he was very much confident when the blind girl asked him about __________. 

Ans.> animals √

57. In October the roads in the hills are __________. 

Ans.> almost deserted √


58. The girl was startled when the narrator first spoke to her because ________. 

Ans.> she did not know that there was another person in the compartment √


59. The narrator of ‘The Eyes Have It’ was ready to listen to the girl’s voice for __________. 

Ans.> almost any length of time √


60. In October the hills are covered with __________. 

Ans.> wild dahlias √


61. The passenger who had entered the compartment of the train broke into the narrator’s __________. 

Ans.> day-dream √


62. The person who broke into the narrator’s reverie was _______. 

Ans.> the new passenger 

63. The new passenger got into the narrator’s compartment at __________. 

Ans.> Saharanpur √


64. The blind girl said that she loved the __________. 

Ans.> hills √


65. The girl in the train compartment thought the narrator to be __________. 

Ans.> gallant and serious √


66. The girl could not see the narrator because __________. 

Ans.> she was blind √


67. The girl’s hair was __________. 

Ans.> sweet-smelling √

Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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