Model Question - 10 | English | Class 8 | Question & Answer | Grammar

Model Question - 10 || English || Class 8  || Question & Answer || Grammar


Model Question


Model Question - 10

Class VIII



Reading Comprehension (Seen)



1. Read the following text and answer the questions given below:

The other princesses were jealous and visited September together. "Well, my dear," they said, “your little bird flies in and out just as he likes.” They looked round the room. “Where is your bird now?" they said.

"He's gone off to visit his home,” said September, “And what makes you think he'll come back?" asked the princesses.

"He always does come back," said September.

"Well, my dear," said the princesses, “if you take our advice, pop him into the cage and keep him there."

“But I like to have him fly around the room”, said the Princess.

"Safety first,” said her sisters ominously.

They got up and walked out of the room, shaking their heads, and they left September very uneasy. It seemed to her that the little bird was away a long time and she could not think what he was doing.

He might forget her, or he might take a fancy to someone else! 


A. Answer the following questions :

(i) What was the feeling of the other princesses for September?

Ans.> The other princesses were jealous.


(ii) How did the princesses leave the room ?

Ans.> Shaking their heads, the princesses leave the room.


(iii) What advice did the princesses give to September ?

Ans.> The princesses advised September to pop the bird into the cage and keep it there.


B. State whether the following statements are 'True' or 'False' in the boxes given on the right-hand side :

(i) The other princesses visited September individually. F

(ii) The princesses did not like that the little bird should fly as he likes. T

(iii) The bird had gone off to meet his friends. F

(iv) September feared that the bird would forget her. F

C. Find out the words similar in meaning with the following from the text :

(i) Liking : like

(ii) In a warning manner : advice

(iii) Envious : jealous


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


2. Read the passage carefully and answer the given questions :

Water pollution is the contamination of streams, lakes, underground water, bays or oceans by substances that are harmful for living creatures. Water is essential for all life on earth. All organisms consist of water. But what gives life can take it away as well. Yes, water pollution is a great threat to us today. The major water pollutants can be broadly classified into a few categories- chemical, biological and physical.

Of these, chemical pollution is the most harmful. Chemicals used to kill harmful insects and germs flow into streams and pollute them. The polluted water harms human beings and animals who use it . Sometimes drinking water is polluted by pesticides from widespread agricultural use. Nitrates, a pollutant present in fertilizer, can cause acute anaemia in infants.


A. State whether the following statements are 'True' or 'False'. Give Supporting Statements (S.S) for each of your answers :

(1) Water pollution is a very uncommon sight in our society. False

S. S.> --- water pollution is a great threat to us today.


(ii) Pesticides are one of the sources of water pollution. True

S.S.> ---- drinking water is polluted by pesticides ---


B. Find out the word similar in meaning with the following from the passage :

A chemical to kill worms : pesticides



3. Underline the Adjective clauses and the Adverb clauses in the following sentences :

(i) He returned home when it was raining.

Ans.> He returned home when it was raining. (Adverb Clause)


(ii) The knight fought in a manner which was brave.

Ans.> The knight fought in a manner which was brave. (Adjective Clause)

4. Change the Mode of Narration :

The old man said to the little girl, "May you prosper in life!"

Ans.> The old man wished the little girl that she might prosper in life.


5. Underline the Principal clause and circle the Subordinate clause :

When she awoke the next day, the little bird was still sitting there.

Ans.> When she awoke the next day, the little bird was still sitting there.


6. Underline the Infinitive :

To forgive is divine.




7. Write a story in about 100 words using the following outline and add a suitable title to the story:

[Outline : A farmer's sons quarrel among themselves — father worried asks them to bring some sticks - sons break each stick — cannot break the sticks when tied in a bundle - father explains the reason.]



A Farmer And His Sons

A farmer had three sons. They always quarrelled for nothing. Moreover they were very idle. This made the farmer unhappy. At last he made a plan and asks them to bring some sticks. He gave a stick to each one to break. Everyone easily broke his stick. Then the farmer built a bundle of several sticks and asked his sons to break the bundle. Nobody could be able to break it. Then the farmer said to them, “You see, my sons, each of you broke one stick easily. But none of you could break the bundle of sticks. Why could not you do it?” The eldest son replied, “In the bundle the sticks were together and so we could not break it.” “That's right”, said the farmer, “You see the strength of unity. You must live together and no one can harm you.” After this they never quarelled and they lived together in peace. The farmer was very happy.

Moral : United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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