Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 5 | Part Two | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

  Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) || Class 5 || 2021 || PDF || Question & Answer

Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 5 | Part Two | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

Question Paper

Part II

Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 5 | Part One | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

Answer Paper ::





Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

There was quite a number of good teachers in our school. B.D Roy taught us English. He was a small man who took great care to ensure that we pronounced English correctly. One day he told us the story of The Ox and The Frog from Aesop’s fables. Before telling us the story, he taught us how the pronunciation of ‘the’ depends on whether the following word begins with a vowel or a consonant. I fondly remember our head pandit, Bhattacharya Sir, for his excellent handwriting.


Activity 1

Tick the correct answers from the given alternatives:

i) Mr. B.D.Roy was the teacher of

a) Mathematics  √√b) English  c) Bengali  d) Science


ii) The author learnt correct pronunciation from his

a) Headmaster  b) Father  √√c) English teacher  d) Mother

iii) ‘The Ox and the Frog’ is a tale from

a) Panchatantra  b) Hitapodesha  c) Jataka  √√d) Aesop’s Fables

Activity 2

Fill in the blanks with present continuous tense of the verbs given in brackets:

a) The boy is drawing (draw) a picture.

b) They are playing (play) in the field.

c) Ranjan is wrting (write) a letter.


Activity 3

Identify the Subject and Predicate of the following sentences:

a) The Sun rises in the east.

Subject: The Sun

Predicate: rises in the east

b) My brother is singing a song.

Subject: My brother

Predicate: is singing a song


c) It is not easy to get pure drinking water.

Subject: It

Predicate: is not easy to get pure drinking water


Activity 4

Write five sentences on ‘My School’.

The name of my school is A.S.D.M High School. There are twenty classrooms, a computer room, and a small library and a small but very beautiful playground in our school. There are around 2500 students in our school. Forty-five teaching and non-teaching staffs are there in our school. I love my school very much and we are very proud of our school.

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Do Practice this Story, Questions, and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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